CX Aircon (Again)

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CX Aircon (Again)

Post by Stinkwheel » 02 Sep 2005, 23:33

Hello Folks,
Well my soon to be picked up Prestige obviously has air-con.
My last CX with air con was a 1984 25 Pallas ie, if i remember correctly the air on that was cold and refreshing (it had been properly serviced/recharged just beofre i got it) Question is will the prestiges be wanting attention??
The car has sat basically unused for about 18 months but prior to that was a fully functioning entity.
Likelyhood of seals needing renewing etc? I understand aircon can ruin itself if left unused, is this correct?
Any thoughts appreciated.

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Post by fastandfurryous » 18 Sep 2005, 13:52

The chances of this still having enough gas in it to not trip the LP switch aren't good. Its usually recommended to run the AC once every 2 weeks to keep the seals wet with oil.
You've got the car now haven't you? does the AC work?