306 A/C Help!!

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306 A/C Help!!

Post by orion1210 » 05 Aug 2005, 01:04

I've got a Pug 306 HDI v reg. It has no Gas in the A/C system and i suspect there is a leak somewhere. I've had it for six months and it hasn't worked from day one!! When i press the button, the light comes on but nothing else seems to happen. I have access to a Nitrogen rig and also a refridgerent rig as i'm an aircraft engineer. What types of fluid are compatible?
What is a safe pressure to test for leaks and how would i go about it? I notice that there are two charging points, which do i use?
When the leak has been rectified how do i go about recharging and to what pressure?
Any info is greatly apprecited,
With thanks

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Post by Morphius » 08 Aug 2005, 00:28

Dude pay an independant air con service engineer to check it for you they will recharge it with dye in the gas that will pinpoint the leak.
Should only cost about £40 IIRC.
On my 306 GTI-6 the pipes under the radiator are prone to corrosion etc and these are quite often the reason for the leaks.
There are 2 pipes and cost about £70 each from Pug and are an absolute nightmare to change so I paid someone to change them and now have ice cold air con!
Hope this helps. Graham.