Source of A/C parts

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Source of A/C parts

Post by bernie » 21 Jul 2005, 01:34

No connection but I've just found this on the net, could be useful ... p/home.php

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Post by alan s » 21 Jul 2005, 04:27

Their condensor prices are extremely competitive but don't show the BX there. As it's not uncommon to adapt one breed to another or to tailor make them, they might still be worth a call for anyone wanting a BX one.
From memory, one of the Subraru condensors is very close to a BX one and they're shown at around 90 quid whereas the genuine BX was close to 400 from memory.
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Post by samtronic » 22 Jul 2005, 03:29

They also deliver to Denmark.
I bought a DIY service kit (gas, o-ring conditioner, oil, UV dye) just to find out the condenser (or connection to same - a bit hard to see exactly without removing the radiator) has a slow leak :-(