astroair on a s2 xm

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astroair on a s2 xm

Post by sammycitroenzx » 16 Jul 2005, 01:29

hello has anyone heard of astroair as i have got an aftermarket system on my n reg vsx estate the switch is disconected on the center consle 4 wires dont know where they go has anybody else got got this system tell me what to look for to get it running as it has never worked for me but i used to work for the prevoius owner and he thought it was the switch that was knacered the switch is infrount of the norm sport switch and has a picture of a snow flake if it is not running can it kill my engine

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Post by Mosser » 16 Jul 2005, 06:34

Astroair are just air conditioning maintenance and serice company in newport pagnell, give them a ring and see what it is, sounds like an aftermarket system install to me, phone them on 01908 610222