ZX Aircon

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ZX Aircon

Post by HFStuart » 26 Jun 2005, 18:32

I've been trying out a few other cars today. I've decided that the only reason to switch from my ZX TD Volcane is it's lack of Aircon (unless I spend loads of cash on something nearly new).
I'm sure you can see where this is going - has anyone tried fitting (or getting fitted) aircon to a ZX TD ? I'm fairly handy with the spanners so a lot of the legwork (dash removal etc) I could do - hopefully saving some cash. It's shown as an option in the handbook so perhaps parts from the 306 should be interchangeable without too much fiddling. Failing that where could I get ZX aircon bits from Europe ?
If you've any experience or can give me a few pointers I'd appreciate it.
PS Fiat Marea 2.4HLX TD - How quick was that [?] Fastest diesel I've been in, shame it handles like a shopping trolley.

alan s
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Post by alan s » 26 Jun 2005, 18:46

Have a read of this and then make your own decision as this is a fairly detailed description of a similar project.
It should give you some idea of the enormity of the job and only you can decide if you're capable of handling it.
We'll help as much as we can (from the other side of the World that is) :>)
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Alan S

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Post by HFStuart » 26 Jun 2005, 20:35

I found a great link for anyone looking at this sort of swap - sorry nothing on BX's.
I now know which bits were specced for the ZX as OE and what other cars had them.

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Post by tomsheppard » 26 Jun 2005, 21:02

Anything is possible as long as you don't upset Alan. He has the ability to assist greatly with the design of hybrid systems and has done it himself more than once!
It is well worth the effort but ensure that you have all the bits before starting.

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Post by bernie » 27 Jun 2005, 15:55

Both Tom and I have fitted A/C to our BX's.
Both agree it's well worth the effort and money[:)][:)]
There are ZX's originally fitted with A/c out there.
My brother had one, a 1.9i Volcane 1991.
So keep looking, you will find a scrapper some where.