Peugeot 405 not so cold

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Peugeot 405 not so cold

Post by David Humphrey » 22 Jun 2005, 23:23

The air con on my car seems to be getting less effective.It was fine on Sunday so not sure what has happened.The viewing port for the liquid reveals it is milky but its been like that for a while. The other thing I've noticed is a wurring noise in the dash after the engine is switched off.I would consider getting it regassed and and having the drier bottle replaced (does anyone know where this is please ).What sort of price should I pay for this.
Any advice gratefully received.

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Post by fastandfurryous » 23 Jun 2005, 16:01

The drier bottle is the unit that the sight glass is attatched to. It's about the size of a slighlty tall, thin can of cola. If the liquid is looking milky then you almost certainly have moisture in the system, which will be causing the problems and lack of performance.
you also have to find out where the moisture has gotten in. Favourite place for this is in the suction line. Best thing to do is change the reciever/drier, have the system vacced out (and checked for leaks. The system should hold a vacuum indefinitely) and re-charged. Not expensive, and well worth it in the weather we're having! Total cost (inc. reciever/drier) should be under/around £100.