Dead A/C

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Dead A/C

Post by np » 20 May 2005, 01:36

Having a look around,i think i have found the the problem,but here goes.
Got the Xantia back today after nearly 4 weeks of being off the road.A/con worked fine before it went to garage.But now it doesent work.Turn it on,the switch lights up,& the cooling fans come on as normal.But no cold air.Switch the a/c off,the cooling fans go off.Having alook underneath,the compressor is not engaging.
I`m thinking that it may have lost some of its gas over the 4 weeks,& the pressure sensor is not letting the compressor cut in?[?]
Its been 3 yrs next month since it was last regassed.
Many thanks.[:)]

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Post by andycarter » 20 May 2005, 02:44

Hi Neil,
I would be surprised if just standing for 4 weeks is enough to kill it.
What work was done at the garage - Anything that might have disturbed an electrical connection or the a/c pipework?
Any regas place will easily test the pressure, if you find a helpful one they may do this for free, a couple of years ago I took mine to Halfords, who charged a tenner.

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Post by np » 20 May 2005, 02:50

I will check with them in the morning,but nothing that should have buggerd it up.I`m sure that the compressor was engaging at first,as after leaving the garage when i noticed it wasn`t working,i turned it on & off in traffic & the engine revs/rev counter altered.
Or i`ll just try the hammer treatment on the compressor wheel[:D][}:)].That might work,as it might just be sticking.

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Post by tonespeed1999 » 28 May 2005, 22:37

DONT hit the clutch assembly with anything,you might damage it,if you know someone mechanically minded to test whether the compressor has a 12v feed when the aircon is turned on!.i would say that the system is slightly low on refrigerant,by the symtoms you have described.

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Post by np » 18 Jun 2005, 04:10

All fixed.It needed a regas.It had lost some gas through standing.
Anti bacterial treatment,regas,leak dye & leak test,£65 all in from a place 2 mins away from me.Works a treat now.

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Post by kid » 19 Jun 2005, 09:57

Would you lose a large proportion of the refrigerant in two months?
I use my air con at least once a month to ensure the seals remain wet, but it just seems strange you could lose so much gas with no operation in just two months, especially as if seems to be the case the AC was operating fine prior to your problem.
Anyhow glad you got it sorted, perfect timing!!

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Post by np » 26 Jun 2005, 02:16

Not sure Kid.The garage said that they can lose 5% or so gas each year through natural seepage(?).Being not used for a while it just lost that little bit extra as to not let the compressor run.

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Post by Kowalski » 26 Jun 2005, 03:47

I've heard that 5% figure quoted somewhere, it was a big manufacturer of something or other car air con related. It really is a load of lies, a properly sorted air con (or any refrigeration system) should have no leaks on the system.
The 5% figure serves two purposes, firstly it's a disclaimer (they all do that sir), and secondly it encourages people to get their air con serviced whether they need to or not. £50 for air con "service" really puts the "con" back into air con.

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x 5

Post by alan s » 26 Jun 2005, 06:10

Agreed up to a point although expect to get it more on a system converted to R134a from R12 than from a designated 134 system.
This is due to permeation through the hoses and on R12 systems by the 134 that has a smaller molecular structure.
Replace the hoses with the ones which have a barrier fitted in their manufacture to prevent this and the problem is almost totally removed.
Those hoses are frighteningly expensive although I have seen a kit put out by Snap-On that has all the gear needed to make the hoses and in some cases they even include some hose, so by and large, this is possibly more feasible to buy and DIY hoses than have some thieving hound charge you more for a hose than you can buy this kit for.
Ala S