Xsara aircon.quantity and factory problem

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Xsara aircon.quantity and factory problem

Post by espritgr » 15 May 2005, 00:18

Dear All,
Yesterday I had to replace for a second time the tube starts from the compressor and goes in to the valve near the dashboard.(low pressure or blu cap)
I have a 1.6 xsara built on May 2000 and it has the 8v TU engine.
Those who have a similar car can notice that the tube is very near to the exhaust manifold and subject to excess heat.
My mechani said that this is a common problem, I had to replace it for a second time, and he wraped the exhaust manifold with a special material made of something which he called asbestos fabric but he assured me is not made of asbestos but they call it as such.
Anyway, I hope it will resolve the problem
My question is
HOW much gas?
He said that 580grams are more than enough. I checked the temperature coming out of the vents and it is about 8 to 12 degrees (C) It seems that it takes to cool down especially at idle (that was not the case before) I checked the fans and they work properly so I am thinking that I am low in gas
Any suggestions on the quantity of gas on this system. Need to measure any other temperature?
PSAthens is TOOO hot!

alan s
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Post by alan s » 15 May 2005, 03:35

He didn't have some info with a typo on it by any chance?
I could believe "850" but "580" is such an odd amount and most car air/cons are in the 850 range.
If nobody with a Xsara responds, we'll have to take a peak at any specs sheets we can find to see if we can get a better idea for you.
Alan S