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Post by ghostrider » 12 Feb 2005, 21:09

The other thing I seem to remeber is that when I took the whole lot out to do the heater matrix the various flaps for diverting the air all had foam rubber seals round their edges, a lot of which had turned to dust, replacing them helped quite a lot...... and so it b****y well should have done as it took me about a day and a half to get it all to bits the first tme, second time only about 7hrs [:D] I reckon about 2.5hrs would be good, but why would you want to practice doing anything like that is beyond me [:p] [:p] [:p] [:p] [:p] [:D]
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Post by tomsheppard » 12 Feb 2005, 23:39

OK then, enough talk, time for some action. Having spent the national debt on a new air filter, it was time to remove the headlight which had picked up a drop of water due to my being careless with the steam cleaner which of course meant pulling the apology of a grille. A good look at the enormous condenser suggested that it was probably all right but could do with a clean, so it got one. The half pound of acorn shells in the air cleaner were no great surprise but one of these days I'd like to catch the squirrels who enjoy living in Citroen air cleaners. This is the second car it has happened to. The rather nasty black thing that was the air filter being duly changed, I reckoned that I really wanted to give the heater motor a Hard Stare,and to my surprise, removed it in about ten minutes with only a little designer violence. Cleaned it up good and proper I did and soaked it in the first oil it had received in twenty years. Down the hole, I located the coil and found it partially blocked with a bit of sticky tape. Very soon, I shall give it the benefit of a good vacuuming but for today, it was enough to refit the motor which doesn't exactly "blow" air, more sort of stirs it. The fanis a good bit more vigorous sounding and there is definitely more stirring going on. There was even some air conditioning happening on this February afternoon so I'll call that a result.
Alan's point about the cardboard tubes prompted me to look down the vents with a torch. Guess what mate? You're right! so there is room for improvement there. I was somwhat surprised at the size of the heater fan motor. It looks to have been developed for pumping screenwash. Truly that fan is pathetic. Time to look for a decent pancake fan to put into the air inlet, methinks. Next, can you set the aircon to full blast(!) and arrange recirculation? it might just help... I'll go and find a switch.

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Post by JBUK » 22 Feb 2005, 03:26

Tom, for what its worth - the evaporator in the BX sits in the fresh air intake before the heater matrix. Any restriction will therefore affect the hot airflow too. I mention this because there might be a clue there somewhere as the CX seems to be similar in this respect.
Have you measured the temperature of the cooled air coming into the cabin (or recirculated). The evap. temperature sensor might be failing in supercool mode. This could freeze up the condensate and restrict the incoming air.Of course you need warmer temps than our current winter ones to evaluate things properly.
The BXs twin air input fans certainly help the a/c performance. Perhaps that is an area to look at as well if the CX has only one.