Pug 406 Climate / AC question

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Pug 406 Climate / AC question

Post by Plodder » 10 Nov 2004, 19:15

1997 406 TD with climate control.
Question is that when the CC is in AUTO, should the fan speed vary automatically as the heating/cooling demand is varied?
I know that my previous car (Audi A4) did automatically vary the fan speed.
Could it be a fault with my unit ?

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Post by Tom.Abd » 11 Nov 2004, 19:14

If it's the same ECU as the Mk2 Xantia (anyone?) then yep the blower speed will go up and down depending on the temperature difference between the inside of the car and the temp setting. In fact it seems to have 2 or 3 more automatic speed settings than the manual controls. It also seems to factor in the engine temperature so won't wind up the fan speed untill after the engine is warm. If you switch to the auto demist setting that pulls in the controls for the AC compressor and the outside temp as well and goes into some sort of complicated automatic program. All it needs is the controls for the heated rear window to be added and it would probably do just about everything.
Going from a manual For & Vauhall system I've actually found the Xant's one spectacularly effective. If the other CC systems on the market are as good then it's definately a requirement when the Xant eventually gets replaced. Only problem seems to be that with everything inconnected / interdependant it only needs one thing (normally the internal temp fan & sender) to really screw everything up.