Gas; one for the little black book

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Gas; one for the little black book

Post by alan s » 10 Nov 2004, 16:20

I got called out on a breakdown today and whilst there came across a former work colleague in the air/con business.
Asked a few questions on various subjects and was told the latest trick with converting the "old" systems (R-12, Freon 12) is to use a gas called (forgot its name he used...possibly "overcoat"(?)) or R135.
It seems that this gas will "go over" old R12 systems much easier than a lot of the stuff currently used as it doesn't require the oil changing etc, it is just whacked straight into the system.
I realise it's getting a bit late in the season to be getting too excited over your way, but I will be making more enquiries and will post once I get the full story on this stuff as it may be the way to go for anyone wanting to upgrade a system on say a BX without spending an arm and a leg in the process or for anyone wanting to retrofit a system from a scrapper.
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Post by tomsheppard » 10 Nov 2004, 19:22

Thanks for that.
The new drop in gases look useful but there is no cause for alarm on the BX front. You'll need to change the gas adaptors anyway and the drier is a service consumable. That leaves the compressor and Sanken reckon that you don't need to touch that. Opinions are divided about the O rings but they are not expensive. Bx scrapper with Aircon? Rare bird over here, Alan!