Renault Laguna climate control

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Renault Laguna climate control

Post by johnjo » 08 Nov 2004, 00:06

can anyone give me some pointers please?
I have a renault laguna 1995 model with an iffy climate control system.
It stopped working some time ago and I was told by a dealer that the fan unit has a resistor that fails and shuts everything off, a common problem he says.
I fitted a new fan, everything went ok for some months then stopped working again, fitted another fan but still not working.
When I switch the engine on the fan goes for a few seconds then shuts off, with service showing on the display could it be as simple as a need for regassing? or is there something else going on?
The control panel seems to be ok when I switch to different vents they all work ,the temperature indicator rises and falls the fan speed indicator seems to go through the motions ect,
I put a meter on the plug and no power to the red's. something seems to be stoppimg the power gettin through.
I know that the fan works ok.
Can anyone help me please?

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Post by PowerLee » 08 Nov 2004, 00:09

Most if not all aircon / climate control systems have a safety pressure valve to stop the compressor working if the system is low on gas.
I would have the gas pressure / level checked first.