Haynes guide on BX

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Haynes guide on BX

Post by jeroen » 08 Oct 2003, 02:45

Polish site, links unreadable but the pdf files ar english
most people probably allready know the site, but i keep losing the link.
Ow , just a thought.. it might be ilegal to link to that site?
If so, i will remove the post


Post by Jon » 08 Oct 2003, 03:12

Not illegal no, I paid a brief visit, unable to understand a word until the Polish neighbour (of the Berlingo van fame) came round and translated. Given enough beer I'm sure he'll translate the entire site.

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Post by jeroen » 08 Oct 2003, 04:12

not a prob! just get all the pdf files , they are standard haynes english gibberish!
(but I wonder if your neighbour has an accent, with all that beer ;) )

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Post by tomsheppard » 08 Oct 2003, 17:03

Isn't the Haynesian harder to translate than the Polish?