Fault code readers (post 2000 vehicles)

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Fault code readers (post 2000 vehicles)

Post by watsoft » 21 Jun 2006, 12:56

Unsure as to which device I needed for my 2001 Saxo, I e-mailed several suppliers.

I was advised to buy a U480 which covers a multitude of protocols and software (OBD, OBDII and CAN-BUS amongst them). I eventually made my purchase (ebay item: 8064623101) and am happy to report that it "does exactly what it says on the tin" and all for under £40 (inc. P+P). It came with a list of generic fault codes, but any that are manufacturer specific codes can easily be found on the net.

Being happy with their advice and also their service, I would like to recommend http://www.alpha-bid.com (an American company). I would suggest contacting them with your requirements as the unit mentioned may not be compatible with your make, model and year.

This recommendation is provided in good faith and you use it at your own discretion.