Side Gapping of Spark Plugs

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Side Gapping of Spark Plugs

Post by G4EIY » 09 Dec 2005, 22:13

Hi Folks,

Interesting article, and for those members that run petrol engines, worth a read, and even maybe try out..

Brian ... pping.html

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Post by jeremy » 04 Jan 2006, 14:53


Doesn't cost much to try I suppose, might even work - now if I had a petrol car

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Post by paranoid » 18 Feb 2006, 17:29


Thats brought some old memorys back.

Was told about this by an old fella mechanic when I was an apprentice, It's they way they gave knacked plugs another lease of life while he was in the army.

Never did it myself but it was the first thing he did when he bought plugs for his own cars , cut the plugs just over the electrode.
He wasn't the type of guy to waste money either