Maintenance due in XX weeks - get rid of it

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Maintenance due in XX weeks - get rid of it

Post by Marve » 14 Mar 2019, 20:51


Anyone knows how to get this warning in the display away that says every time I start the car ¨maintenance due in XX weeks¨?

Another related question: Am I obliged to do the maintenance with the dealer? They said it was necessary to keep the 2 year warranty... But as I only drove 9.000 KM in my first year, I don´t really feel like changing filters and stuff they will probably do...


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Re: Maintenance due in XX weeks - get rid of it

Post by GiveMeABreak » 14 Mar 2019, 21:16

That warning will come on until it goes past the maintenance due most likely. Normally the service indicator is reset once it has been serviced. Details should be in the handbook on how to reset it.

This is a Citroen one, but probably the same for DS. What is important is that the servicing must conform to (in this case to Citroen’s) servicing requirements and you must have evidence that a service done elsewhere has been done to the same standards, otherwise they may not honour the warranty. So you should be able to have it done elsewhere as long as you keep all the evidence of all the work done and it is of comparable quality, and all the same checks that DS do are done.

To benefit from the new warranty.....
Present your vehicle’s up-to-date Maintenance Record booklet, including the Warranty Certificate in particular duly completed by the Dealership which sold the vehicle.

Have the vehicle maintained and serviced in strict conformity with CITROËN’s instructions and is able to provide proof of this (Maintenance Records, invoices, etc).

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Re: Maintenance due in XX weeks - get rid of it

Post by xantia_v6 » 14 Mar 2019, 21:18

In order to keep your warranties alive, you need to have the servicing done by a dealer or other approved repairer (are there any?).

If you talk to the service department at the dealer, they may agree to do a reduced service on a low mileage car, mine had several years (with the previous owner) when it did very little mileage, but had an annual service, the dealer has noted in the service book that filters etc were sometimes not changed due to the low mileage since the previous service.

Subsequently, soon after I acquired the car, it required some engine repairs that would be covered under an extended warranty. The previous (reduced) annual servicing was accepted by Peugeot, but I had to pay for a major service to bring everything up to date before they would perform the repairs.

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Re: Maintenance due in XX weeks - get rid of it

Post by Gibbo2286 » 15 Mar 2019, 11:35

European law doesn't permit car manufacturers to insist on dealer servicing, warranties cannot be voided if you service elsewhere provided the servicing is done with 'approved' parts.

Like all EU law it's complicated and difficult and with many 'get outs' ... servicing/